Corn Wine in Bac Ha

cooking corn wine

Lao Cai is a land where people can find many special and typical kinds of wine such as San Lung in Bat Xa, Cat Apple Wine in Sa Pa, and especially Corn Wine in Bac Ha. If you want to have an extraordinary wine experience in Sapa, don’t hesitate to try corn wine. You can find corn wine in Bac Ha market.

That wine is cooked from the only one material – corn planted on the milpa of H’mong people. May be because of the weather of the high land, corn kernels in this region are yellow, small, firm and nutritious. Mixing those corn kernels with a kind of special ferment produced from “hong my” (the grain which is similar to millet), H’mong people created a special wine which is unmistakable with other wines made in other areas in the North-Western region.

Find corn wine at Bac Ha market
Find corn wine at Bac Ha market

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Corn is planted everywhere in Lao Cai, and so does wine in the market. Wines are hot and torrid, however, when you drink, you could feel the quintessence of sky and land.

Nowadays, visitors could buy this wine everywhere in Sapa or Bac Ha, or even Ban Pho if you could. Wine with specialty of markets could be the unforgettable in your trip.