Muong Hoa – The Most Beautiful Valley Of Sapa

Muong Hoa valley

Sapa is an adventure heaven for trek lovers travelling to Vietnam. And Muong Hoa valley is the most stunning valley in Sapa that hides itself behind the shadow of layered Hoang Lien Son mountain range.


Located in Hau Thao commune, Muong Hoa valley is about 8 km south-east of Sapa town. Starting from Sapa, taking over a small pass then following dirty trails perching on mountain sides, you finally reach to Muong Hoa valley.

For anyone once reading about Sapa travel guide, Silver waterfall is very well-known. The waterfall is actually the original source for a beautiful stream – Muong Hoa that the valley was named after it. The nice, fairy fountain Muong Hoa flows 15km through lovely villages including Lao Chai, Ta Van, Hau Thao and finishes its journey at Ban Ho village. Looking down from a mountain peak, Muong Hoa stream is apparently a huge boa twisting its body inside rice terrace fields. If you arrive here in harvest seasons, the whole scenery of yellow rice fields reflecting themselves into emerald water of the stream creates an artful picture by both human and nature’s hands.

terrace fields
terrace fields

Sights to see

Contributing into Muong Hoa fountain, there are different 22 smaller springs originating deeply from jungles and mountains. They are the abundant sources for all year-round water stream of Muong Hoa fountain. Locals here built some bridges connecting two banks for their easy transfer daily. Those bridges accidentally make lovable highlights along the stream banks.

Over the fountain, there are some hidden abyss and waterfalls created by nature. At Ta Van area, the bottom is expanded and flats making the whole area an ideal swimming place. Not only tourists, but locals often go here for swimming in cool, crystal water every weekend.

Sapa Rattan Bridge
Sapa Rattan Bridge

The elderly in Muong Hoa valley still rumor that in the past, there were many big, ancient trees along two banks and their roots made home for thousand fishes. Fish living in the fountain once were countless. Every second or third lunar month, right the time of the spring breezes pushing back the cold of winter, local boys and girls gathered at the fountain for catching fish every night, making a long part of the stream full of laughing. The fishing time was just the reason for boys and girls meet and get feeling of each other. The fountain has become the witness for love of local youth for hundred years.

Muong Hoa valley is also the location of Ancient Rocks Fields. The strange carving rocks here is scattered inside grasses, bushes and terrace fields planted by ethnics. The whole fields is 4km long, 2 km wide with at least 159 pieces in different shapes and sizes. Some of them were carved with mysterious graphics that attached many scientists from Vietnam, Russia, France and Australia.

Ancient Rocks Fields
Ancient Rocks Fields

The most beautiful carving rocks are gathered in Ban Pho village. Several rocks are in big sizes and carved with many different graphics especially human symbols in various shapes such as: widely open arms, shining halo above heads, two people holding arms or religious symbols similar to those ones found in Dong Son bronze drums. Most of scientists believe that they are not only very much valuable to art history but to religious aspect as mysterious messages sending to future generations.

Revealing the beauty of Muong Hoa, Sapa tour can take you two or three days with at least one night in homestay with local people that allows you enjoy both natural beauty and unique features of ethnic culture.